01 March 2021

Threading a needle, stuffing an inflatable mattress back into its bag, and moving into an upstairs apartment all belong to the same frustrating category of things we would rather avoid doing. To help make this process as effortless as possible, below are a few tips on how to move into an upstairs apartment.

Measure your new apartment
To avoid an awkward tango between your three-seater sofa and the entrance to the elevator, measure all stairways and doorways beforehand to discover which items of furniture you will have to sell and which will be able to fit into your new home. Before you sell any furniture, remember that you can always remove a door from its hinges or use creative angles to wedge a large item through a tight space. If you haven’t yet purchased all your furniture, opt for furniture that can be easily disassembled and reassembled once inside your upstairs apartment.

Move all the heavy items upstairs first 
To make the best use of your energy reserves, tackle the largest and heaviest items first. The lighter items and boxes are easier to haul upstairs after a full day of moving. To ensure that items don’t get scuffed in the move, wrap them in sheets or bubble wrap – for carrying purposes, just make sure you leave space to grip these items.

Reduce effort by using moving tools
There are various methods to ease the process of carrying heavy items. For example, a shoulder dolly (a two-person strap) can make it easier to carry appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. If your complex has an elevator, you could hire a dolly cart/hand truck for the day to cart your items from the car to your new apartment.   

Some jobs are best handled by professionals
It’s always best to hire professional movers to help with complicated moves, as it’ll reduce the risk of damage to the property and/or your furniture, as well as personal injury. If you’re still searching for your new apartment, reach out to a real estate professional to help relieve the stress of finding a new home.

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