01 March 2021

There are several reasons why clients and the top agents in the industry decide to work with the RE/MAX brand. Here are just a few reasons why you should work with RE/MAX…

The credibility of RE/MAX
The influence of a brand cannot be bought or borrowed. It is earned over time. At RE/MAX, you benefit from over four decades of brand reputation built on leadership, innovation and integrity. Unite with it and gain instant credibility in the market.

Work with the leader in global connections
When you become part of a network that’s in over 110 countries and territories, you receive worldwide brand presence and cross-border capabilities competitors can’t touch. What does this mean for you? It means clients interested in international opportunities can come to you, which can mean more potential business if you’re an agent or more potential buyers if you’re a seller.

RE/MAX gives you the largest brand recognition
At RE/MAX, you benefit from literally millions of Rands locally and billions of dollars internationally spent on promotions spanning from For Sale signs and outdoor advertising to TV, radio, print and social media. As an agent, this will help to create a potent presence in the consumer space and invite industry recognition. As a seller, this helps give your home the broadest possible exposure and helps your agent attract more potential buyers to view your home.

Work with RE/MAX Tools, Training & Resources
Anything can be accomplished with the right set of tools, which is why RE/MAX provides agents with a powerful, fee-free lead generation system. Along with communication resources, comprehensive, and a host of online education. To stay on top of today’s business landscape, you need quality education. Which is why RE/MAX offers agents proven training programmes that are exclusive to those within the brand. Programmes that are guaranteed to increase your sales within the first 100 days on being it and give you an edge over the competition.

Attracting the best in the business
RE/MAX recognizes that the agents are the experts in their given market, so the control stays with them. They set their own objectives and determine how to handle everything, but they’re not in it alone. They receive support services that help them stay ahead.

This is why motivated agents who are focused on their success are drawn to the RE/MAX brand. And when continuous improvement shapes the heart of a culture, excellence often follows. Great people, great attitudes and great results - it’s a compelling combination.

To learn more about joining RE/MAX, contact your nearest RE/MAX Office.

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